Very useful and well explained article.

I wonder how can I activate/use a virtual environment for the python code.

To make your github code work, I had to use system level python but not able to figure out how to use virtual environment for python code?

All this while we have been worried about our own bucket list and travel diaries! Humans use holidays for travel and some kind of rejuvenation from daily monotonous life. Now its her turn to do the same. She is planet Earth! She is just on a holiday.

When we work…

Have you ever wondered what’s so special about some famous personalities which made them renowned? Be it politicians, actors, CEOs, or any other category, those guys had an X factor which made it possible to reach that stature.

I am talking about the uniqueness we all have but the irony…

What if one day, GOD ask you this — “How much rating will you give to the life I have given you?”

The answer to this question will let you know where are you in life right now. Are you still striving for success or you’ve already uncovered it’s…

Pradeep Bansal

ML Engineer,, MS IISc, Ex-Entrepreneur, ML Consultant, Health Expert

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