Should you enrol in a course for data science or machine learning ?


I’m writing this post short and crisp saving your time and helping anyone avoid taking a desperate action. Because panic situation might lead to a panic decision.

With so much buzz around due to the global lockdown, there are too many organisations and individuals exciting you to go for learning data science, machine learning and related topics under AI. I have been involved in training Machine Learning and Data Science from past few years as an individual consultant trainer and with various organisations like Amity India, Amity Dubai, Upgrad, theValleyBootcamp. And during this one year, I have been approached by many individuals who completed such a course whether long or short course, for a project oriented learning approach for following reasons :

  1. There are so many courses and so much of content available that almost everyone knows what is classification and clustering! Knowing these topics is merely not enough anymore!
  2. Almost everyone is(or was until now) trying to learn data science and machine learning, that in majority of resumes, there will be huge overlap of projects worked on. How do you get to work on projects which are not so common?
  3. Learning data science is so easy because of enough and free content and easy to learn tools like Jupyter, Python, R that anybody who has learnt the topic afresh, majority of them knows only these tools!
  4. Not getting interview calls or not able to clear the interview due to the above mentioned reasons is also a big problem people have been facing! Hence doing any course may not be enough to get a job in Data Science or Machine Learning field.

The purpose of mentioning above points is to alert you in not taking a desperate action when you need to be more wise. Yes there is a demand of data scientists and machine learning experts in form of ML Engineer and ML Specialists. But anyone who is hiring now will be cautious and hence you should be cautious too on how you are planning to learn these topics.

Economic slowdown is an opportunity as well as a correction! And it is correction at all the levels. Companies which are either fake or copying others will not survive. And not at all shocking to know that this applies to individuals as well. Many people were learning data science and ML just because of FOMO fear! But now you cannot afford to take action out of FOMO. Because companies would like to reserve cash and even if they would hire, they would hire reliable and experienced individuals.

I will be writing next post soon as the above points are just problems to alert you but what we need is a solution! Believe me I just want to help you :)

Stay connected. I have written on similar topic in my Quora answer here. Thank you for reading!

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ML Engineer,, MS IISc, Ex-Entrepreneur, ML Consultant, Health Expert

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Pradeep Bansal

Pradeep Bansal

ML Engineer,, MS IISc, Ex-Entrepreneur, ML Consultant, Health Expert

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